“The Beginning Writing class definitely stretched my boys in their accountability. My husband and I are very grateful for the help, and you have played integral role in helping us continue to keep school at home. This is the most independent writing the boys have ever completed, and they are enjoying it! Thanks again!”   -Lynn


“Mrs. L. is such an excellent teacher! Both of my children benefitted so much from her online class. She has great patience and a good sense of humor. The course material builds in a way that is easy to follow, yet it still presents a challenge. And I love the fact that the class we took included lessons in art history!  Even my son, who is on the autism spectrum, did well and made many gains while in her class this year. I would highly recommend her writing courses to anyone.” – Stephanie


Mrs. L. has a true gift for teaching the students how to write well. She demonstrates expertise in her knowledge of writing and imparts the ability to comprehend the mechanics and style of excellent writing to the students. The students value her ability to provide clear and concise explanations of the material, the instructions for the assignments and the feedback.”  -Jackie


“Thank you so very much for offering and teaching the online IEW class. Your encouragement, feedback, and fun personality were such a great fit for my boys. Both  have improved so much in their understanding of writing and are becoming more and more independent each class period. Thank you, thank you! I didn’t know if we could continue homeschooling this summer because of the lack of accountability and motivation to complete their work. Since we have outsourced writing, it’s like hope has been restored. Thank you so much!”  – Lynn


“Mrs. L. is driven to help her students develop their writing skills. Her dedication towards excellence is evidenced in simple gestures, not only by returning edited papers promptly, but also by providing corrections beyond what appears on the checklists (such as grammar, punctuation, and spelling) so that her students can receive the utmost benefit of learning English within the context of the written word.”  -Jennifer


“I am astounded at the positive transformation that has taken place in my daughter’s writing skills as a direct result of the IEW course and the effective teaching techniques of Mrs. L.”  -Angela


“My daughter absolutely loved these online classes with Mrs. L. and consistently told me that she is a good teacher.  She loved engaging with her and the other students, loved the class, and gained superb writing skills in no time.  She feels confident in her writing and is ready to take the PSAT.  We will definitely continue to enroll in her courses in the near future.”    -Christina



“Mrs. L. is a phenomenal writing instructor! My son has taken two essay writing classes with her, and his improvement has been so encouraging.   Mrs. L. is organized, structured, and knowledgeable. She offers helpful and always gentle feedback, building confidence by guiding her students with clear direction and goals. I highly recommend her!”    -Susan


“My son really enjoys the class and in particular your teaching style. He loves your funny word games. I like the class because it keeps his attention. I am amazed that my son can actually write very well. To me this is the hardest subject to teach my son (who is ADHD/Asperger) and having an outside person in charge made all the difference. Thanks so much!!!”   -Amy


“IEW is excellent, but my son needed accountability and I couldn’t find a local class/co-op so finding Mrs. L’s classes was a life saver for us. My son’s writing has improved under her guidance, and his attitude toward writing is so much better thanks to her encouragement. She’s a blessing, and we’re looking forward to writing again this fall!”   -Annette



“My 15 year old daughter with learning disabilities and Aspergers, who dislikes being in class with others, took this class and did well. It took her a few months to get the hang of it. I kept encouraging her and now she says” its not too bad” lol… She will be taking the next level. It was a good fit for her as she could watch the lessons in small increments at first as to not get overwhelmed. Thank you so much for offering this class.” -Norma


“The IEW Beginning Writing class is the first online class my 2 sons have ever done. The class has only met once so far, and it went very well. The teacher, Mrs. L., is very patient and encouraging and, for two boys who are intimated by writing, that means a lot! When the boys did their class homework, they both seemed much more confident. I am so thankful we found this class! Thank you to Mrs. L. for your kindness and encouragement! :)”   -Julie


“I was very impressed with the IEW writing method and with Mrs. L. The kids had a lot of fun in writing class but were still challenged and encouraged to always improve their writing. They really enjoyed their writing assignments, which was something we had sometimes struggled with in the past. We plan to continue with her next class in the fall.”     -Carla


“This writing course is exactly what I’ve been trying to find for my kids.  It is a writing curriculum taught and learned in a simple but effective format.  I love it!!    This teacher is fabulous!!  She teaches in a clear, concise way that is both understandable and beneficial.  Writing is a subject that my kids don’t enjoy, but my two girls who took this class really enjoyed it.   Finally, no more pulling out hair when writing!  Thank you, Mrs. L.!”    -Name withheld



“My daughter took the fall and spring class of ALL THINGS FUN & FASCINATING. Initially, she was not motivated about taking this writing course. After a few classes with Mrs. L., she found writing to be “really, really fun” and looked forward to her weekly class. She was always by the computer an hour earlier, waiting for her class to start. She was sad when the course ended this past week. She wished Mrs. L would have a writing class in the SUMMER!!!! What kid would want that? This is only to say how much my daughter has enjoyed this class. She no longer cries with a writing assignment. She’s looking forward to start the next course in the fall.

As a parent, I’m so thankful to Mrs. L. for sparking that writing interest in my daughter. This class has met a real need in our homeschool experience. THANK YOU, Mrs. L.  You’ve been such a blessing to our family!”   -Suelynn


“Mrs. L is an absolute treasure. A truly amazing teacher who has the ability to engage students to want to participate and love learning. My son enjoyed himself immensely. I am so grateful for the level of quality education provided by Stylistic Scribe. Mrs. L is a true teacher. The kind that touches a child’s heart and makes a difference for a lifetime.” -Kay



“After a wonderful first semester of IEW Beginning Writing, I was excited to see what my son would learn and build upon during the second semester. I am so glad we continued with the course because I have watched my reluctant writer grow and become more confident in his skills. It has been very encouraging to see his note-taking/outlining skills strengthen as I have allowed him to have more independence during this semester. Mrs. L., the course instructor, has done a very nice job of challenging and encouraging the students and has been accommodating when our family has had to travel during class weeks. My son has been able to watch the recorded class and completed his assignments and then was able to jump right back into live classes as soon as our schedules permit. This has been a wonderful option for our busy family! I strongly recommend this course and Mrs. L. as a teacher!”  -Leigh


“This class was a wonderful fit for my very creative and smart 11/12yo who thought he didn’t like to write! His responses to me as a teacher and instructor for writing were very hyper-sensitive, and we just weren’t making the progress I knew he could make. Mrs. L. is a very patient teacher who does a nice job instructing, encouraging and helping the students grow. The course is set up to build on skills class after class. I strongly recommend the class and Mrs. L as an instructor!”


“This was the second semester of writing we have taken with Mrs. L. My son learned so much with the first part in the fall that we just had to take the spring semester, also. His writing greatly improved, but there were other benefits not expected. To my surprise his computer skills also improved due to the daily typing and labeling. He is also now able to understand and apply grammar rules with a new confidence. This IEW course was fabulous. Thank you,  Mrs. L.!”       -Ann


“My 14 year old, who will openly admit he hates writing, took this class this fall. I can’t say that he now loves writing, but…I have seen a big improvement in his willingness to write. I would have never thought to teach writing in this style. I really like the fact that the kids don’t have to “think” up something to write about. This is so helpful. Mrs. L knows her stuff. If there is a question, she responds quickly to emails. My son is actually looking forward to the 2nd half of this class!”  -Karen


“This is a great course. I can already see a difference. My children love going to class and are really learning a lot. Mrs. L has really been very encouraging. I highly recommend it.”      -Windsore

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