Something New in Fall 2018

students writing 1

One of the exciting features of the upcoming fall classes that I will be offering is an opportunity for students to share their work with each other online in a safe, secure environment.  While there is usually time in some of the classes for students to read their assignments to the class personally, that is not always the case.  I know that they would enjoy reading each other’s work.   It is a learning opportunity to share among peers in this way.   This is just another feature of what you will receive in one of my online writing classes!  😊   

Please be sure to “follow me” to stay informed, and please share with your homeschooling connections!  Thank you!

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Thanks for joining me!

This website is devoted to all my current and past online writing students.  It is always exciting for me to watch their writing skills blossom with the Institute for Excellence in Writing program.



Please visit often to keep informed of upcoming online classes as well as any tidbits of writing wisdom that is shared.




“Teachers help their students cherish words and appreciate great writing.”                             – Andrew Pudewa