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While the lazy days of summer may be upon us, students can still be encouraged to write informally.  Here are some ideas for summer writing:

  1.  VACATION JOURNAL – Provide child with a colorful notebook and encourage that a few sentences are written every day about what the family experienced and how he/she felt. Adding some colorful pens makes the experience more enjoyable, too!
  2.  LETTERS – While we are still in a social-distancing lifestyle, writing letters to grandparents, family, and friends who you may not be able to visit this year would not only be composition practice but also compassion practice. Maybe the children will receive a response letter in the mail, and that’s always exciting!
  3.  COPYWORK – Pull out a piece of classical literature or any well-written book and have your student copy a short paragraph each day.  This timeless method exposes students to literature,  grammar, spelling, and vocabulary while working on their handwriting skills.

These are just a few simple suggestions on keeping the writing wheels turning during the break between official school years.  Hopefully this will inspire you to find ways that work best for your family!  Have a safe and restful summer!

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