Winter Writing

spring 4

Are you counting the days until spring?   It’s two months away, but this week Spring Semester’s writing classes begin!


Even if your students do not take a writing class this semester, encourage their writing daily with a writing journal.  Winter is a wonderful season to begin a journal about the weather.   Ask them to write how they feel about the winter storms and temperatures.  Maybe they could make up a story that has a setting in the wintery mountains.  Perhaps they could research a topic related to winter or start a nature journal.


Winter is the best time to begin a nature journal.  Ask your child to select a tree or a plant that has no leaves right now and draw a picture of it in the journal.  As the seasons change and the plant changes, students can update the journal with new drawings that will reflect the change in seasons.


Besides journals, writing can be done in many other ways, of course!  Composing a letter to a grandparent or a pen pal and sending it via “snail mail” is a perfect writing opportunity.  Once a letter is received in return, the enthusiasm to write again is sparked!  Another idea is for you to dictate a grocery list to your child to write, and you’ll even teach some spelling of words such as broccoli, asparagus, and onions!


There is a plethora of opportunities to write daily outside of the formal academic setting.  Writing is fun, and the enthusiasm can certainly be shared!


Happy winter writing!

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