Creating Portfolios


Wrapping up the school year is always exciting; isn’t it?  However, before you toss away all those papers, I hope you will save some of your children’s best work.


In all of my classes, students are expected to keep a portfolio of their written assignments.  IEW calls the final, revised, clean copy of an assignment the “Polished Draft.”  The Polished Draft is to be placed in a binder within a page protector.   Pictures to accompany each assignment’s topic is encouraged.  By the end of the school year, students have a collection of all their hard work.  It is so enjoyable to look back at the children’s writing over the years and see the gradual improvement.   Saving samples of written work is not only sentimental, but sometimes colleges request writing samples from high schoolers.  This would be a timesaver to have an organized portfolio.  If you haven’t already done this for your students for this school year, there’s still time! 


  Salvation History is the theme of my upcoming classes, which will prove to create charming, personalized books by the end of the next school year!  Check them out on the right side:   choose the “ONLINE CLASSES” option under “PAGES.” 


I look forward to guiding your students towards creating delightful portfolios next school year! 😊

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