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IEW’s new DVD program is a huge hit with students and parents! Your family can enjoy the writing journey as well. Students will learn skills and have a few laughs with Mr. Pudewa throughout this course.

Writing does not have to be stressful. If you are not comfortable with editing your students’ assignments, you can register below for personalized feedback on your students’ writing whenever you are ready. There’s no deadlines or additional classwork required. Simply follow the DVD lesson plans for the school year, and I will handle the editing.

Adding writing to your lesson plans could not be any easier or more successful than this! Register here!


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While the lazy days of summer may be upon us, students can still be encouraged to write informally.  Here are some ideas for summer writing:

  1.  VACATION JOURNAL – Provide child with a colorful notebook and encourage that a few sentences are written every day about what the family experienced and how he/she felt. Adding some colorful pens makes the experience more enjoyable, too!
  2.  LETTERS – While we are still in a social-distancing lifestyle, writing letters to grandparents, family, and friends who you may not be able to visit this year would not only be composition practice but also compassion practice. Maybe the children will receive a response letter in the mail, and that’s always exciting!
  3.  COPYWORK – Pull out a piece of classical literature or any well-written book and have your student copy a short paragraph each day.  This timeless method exposes students to literature,  grammar, spelling, and vocabulary while working on their handwriting skills.

These are just a few simple suggestions on keeping the writing wheels turning during the break between official school years.  Hopefully this will inspire you to find ways that work best for your family!  Have a safe and restful summer!


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Are your students confused by comma usage or need some extra practice and review?

Do they receive many edits in their assignments about commas?  

If so, there’s help on the way!


One of the most common errors in writing is the placement of commas. Either commas are placed where one thinks a comma should be, or a comma is NOT placed where it needs to be.  How can one know?


With this day and age of “just Google it,” I have to respond that one cannot always Google something. There are some things that one just needs to know, and that is especially true with students learning to write. They won’t be able to use reference when taking exams, so knowing some basic rules will make a huge difference.


Join us for a short-session class on learning the basic rules of comma placement. Read more about the upcoming class by clicking HERE


Christmas Poetry 2019

Sample some of Institute for Excellence in Writing’s techniques while learning about some different types of poems.  Students will receive guidance on how to write a poem for Christmas, which would make a great gift to give to grandparents!  Afterwards, class will sing some Christmas carols and enjoy hot cocoa and cookies!

This class will be held on Monday, December 16, 2019, at 1:45 p.m. Eastern Time and is only one session long.

This is a family-share class!

One enrollment fee for all the students in your family to attend.

Hope to see your entire family in class!

Pre-requisites for Class: None
Supplies Needed for this Class: Paper and a Pen
Textbook/Workbooks Needed for this Class: None



Christmas Poetry – Fall 2019

One class session for the entire family!


My Students Rock!

Love Students

While I cannot SEE my students in person, I certainly become acquainted with them through their class behavior and writing.  They have impressive manners and follow directions well.  Undoubtedly, these characteristics make it a pleasure to teach them.  Thank you, students!  You and your supportive parents certainly rock my online world!

Advantages of Online Classes

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Online classes are relatively new on the homeschool scene.  While they have been around for several years so far, only a portion of the homeschool community has ventured into this aspect of homeschooling. However, times are changing. More students are taking online classes.

What’s so important about online classes?

Online classes provide your students with the technological knowledge that they will need to succeed in our digital world and in any career.  In addition to helping students develop technological skills through the access of online classes from the comfort of their own homes, online writing classes offered here support parents in homeschooling the subjects of English and composition writing with the goal of providing an enjoyable and engaging experience for students.

Students today are native to technology – they were born into it, and they are growing up in a world where technology always has been and always will be a major part of their lives.  They gravitate toward it, and they seem to have an innate sense of how to relate to technology.  Understanding how our students relate to technology is a critical part of preparing them for the future.

Advantages to Adding Online Classes to Your Students’ Homeschools

So, bearing all that in mind, here are some of the benefits of having your students take an online class:

  1. Students learn the technology skills required for their future in a safe and educational way.
  2. Online classes utilize powerful technology.  Using the power of Google, IEW online classes utilize tools for learning that tap into the world of writing, where students  learn in an exciting, engaging, and meaningful way.  Each class has a class page where students can access all of the information, resources, and assignments for that class.  Students can also use the class page to turn in their assignments, take quizzes and tests, or communicate directly with the teacher.
  3. All live class sessions are recorded.  Therefore, if students would like to re-watch a class session or need to catch up on what they missed in class, it is as easy as visiting the class page.
  4. All classes are 100% teacher supported.
  5. Students will have classmates from all over the world!  This is a great way to learn about life in different states or countries and an awesome way for them to make new friends.
  6. Online classes are designed to deliver the highest quality at the lowest-possible price, and that price is offered to you regularly so you never have to worry about missing a sale or a special promotion.
  7. Online classes break the monotony of regular school work, and students look forward to attending class every week!

There are many options for ONLINE CLASSES – Fall 2019 Semester

I hope to meet YOUR student in the classroom this fall! 



… to Fall Semester!

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Not literally! 

Just in planning!


Everybody is eager for spring and looking forward to summer break.  What better way to enjoy the end of the school year than to know that you have your writing class lined up for next school year!  Now’s the time!

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Registration is open for Fall Semester! 

Click on


(also found on the right side of this page) 

to view what’s offered.


Enjoy spring (and summer!) by preparing for fall now!

I look forward to working with your students!


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